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We have been very fortunate to spend the majority of the last 42 years together in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico. We only left once and didn't stay gone very long. We have been charmed by the high mountains and absolutely spell-bound by the wildlife that abound in our own backyard. We are proud and honored to be able to share our passion for the mountains we live in with you.


We hope you will enjoy "glamping" (glamorous easy camping) in one of the tipis or the treehouse on our acreage. You may enjoy many hikes.  bike rides or just beautiful drives throughout the mountains, to waterfalls and sights with views unlike any you have ever seen or you can just relax in a hammock with your feet up. The clean fresh air and stars at night will amaze you.  Don't hesitate to contact us for whatever you have in mind.  I say sincerely that we can't wait to share an outdoor experience with you.

What to Know

Play like a kid and party like a grown-up


What to do around Ferguson Tipi Camping?​ Honestly, I don't know where to start. I have lived in the Sacramento Mountains my entire life and narrowing the following pictures down to just a few was really hard for me. This is God's country - the beauty you will find here will amaze you and the words "bored" will never come to mind.


I am more than happy to share my love of the mountains and the area with you. We can steer you to some great places to hike, gnarly bike trails, fantastic wildlife viewing or shopping. We have some wonderful restaurants (whether it be the best food the locals eat or a great romantic dinner with wonderful views of the sun setting over the mountains.) You name it and I guarantee we can tell you the best place to go for whatever experience

you are looking to have while visiting us at 8,000 feet in altitude.

Mountain Biking
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What do we need to bring with us?

We designed New Mexico Tipis and Treehouse to be the place you can come to without getting the camping gear out of the garage, packing it all in the car and then having to put it away when you get home. We want you to have a relaxing getaway without all the stress. So we provide everything you should need except for your clothes and food. Whether you choose to cook onsite on the grill or eat out in Cloudcroft at one of our many restaurants; it's really up to you. But we do require that you wear clothes.

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